Mission Statement

MISSION STATEMENT: BPTC exists to HELP people in need of physical rehabilitative services to achieve a pain-free and independent lifestyle. This is done by professionals committed to excellence in a friendly, personalized, compassionate and Christ-centered atmosphere.

PHILOSOPHY: Bradley Physical Therapy Clinic exists for the care and treatment of those who are in need of restorative services utilizing physical therapy procedures and techniques. These include but are not limited to therapeutic exercise, heat, water, cold, traction, electricity, massage and manual skills. All billable services will only be administered by the PA licensed physical therapists, physical therapy assistants or in some cases, athletic trainers.

Those patients who are beyond the scope of the expertise offered at the Clinic, who do not have rehabilitative potential or have reached maximum benefit, will not be treated and will be referred to the appropriate specialist or discharged to a home program. Exceptions will be any patients who are in need of skilled care to avoid losing functional gains necessary for daily living or to prevent further hospitalization or institutionalized care. Any patients who are known to or suspected of having an active infectious or contagious process should not be treated until stabilized medically.

Goals and objectives for each patient will be individually established following a thorough evaluation and consultation with the patient and or their family/care givers. A treatment plan will be established according to the needs identified on the evaluation and appropriate progression of treatment will be administered. Timely and appropriate re-evaluations will be done and compared to the initial findings to determine effectiveness of the treatments.

Written and verbal reports regarding a patient’s progress will be sent to the attending doctor and payers. Patients are entitled to their medical records upon request and anyone else will need signed permission from the patient for release of records.

Patient care will be the top priority with emphasis on a professional and thorough
initial evaluation. The most modern equipment, techniques and evidence based procedures available will be used in a friendly, caring and compassionate atmosphere. The goal is to assist the patient to achieve their highest level of functional independence with the least amount of assistive devices.

The code of Ethics as defined by the American Physical Therapy Association and the state of PA will be adopted.

BPTC believes in a total person approach including the physical, emotional and spiritual components of each person. We adhere to the traditional biblical Christian viewpoint as the foundational principles guiding all of our affairs. The Clinic’s main themes are Colossians 3:23 “Whatever you do, do heartily as unto the Lord and not as unto men” and Matthew 7:12 “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Therefore, it is necessary that each employee understands and agrees with this mission statement.