In 1977, Dr. Joseph “Brad” Bradley founded Bradley Physical Therapy Clinic. He saw his physical therapy skills as a God-given talent to be used to help facilitate healing in people from all walks of life. He sought to create a physical therapy practice that combined the highest quality of patient care with Christian values. For 43 years, Dr. Bradley developed a company whose name and reputation became synonymous with integrity, quality and compassion. Despite his personal success, he always remained humble and was eager to serve others who were in need. After meeting someone for the first time, he had the amazing ability to make them laugh and feel like a valued friend even after only a brief conversation. His faith and example are the bedrocks of our company.

In 2016, the business was passed on to two of his sons who have been involved in the practice for years, Dr. David Bradley, DPT and Dr. Darren Bradley, DPT, where they continue the legacy that their father started. Across two generations, the Bradley team continues to strive to treat you like we would our own family.

Since then, the staff has seen over 60,000 patients and maintains a patient satisfaction rating of 99.8%. The goal of the staff is to facilitate healing and to restore efficient movement and comfort as quickly as possible. This is accomplished through leading edge equipment, proven ‘hands on’ techniques, one-on-one therapy, personalized orthopedic and sports rehabilitation programs, clinical expertise and genuine care for patients’ well being.

All of these things, plus the ease of accessibility, free parking, and the availability of an appointment within 24 hours, are what make Bradley Physical Therapy Clinic stand out as a leading facility in orthopedic and sports rehabilitation.