Student Information

Student Information

David Bradley, DPT, Coordinator of Clinical Education
The purposes of this information are to better acquaint you with Bradley Physical Therapy Clinic, to help make the transition from the classroom to the clinic easier, and to help you feel more comfortable and at ease with our family.

Bradley Physical Therapy Clinic Washington office is located off West Chestnut Street in Washington, PA at the bottom of the hill, near the post office. Please call (724) 228-2911 for specific directions and information on accessing Chestnut Street or Beau Street, or click here.

Washington Office Hours
Monday Wednesday Friday 7am-7pm
Tuesday Thursday 7am-2:30pm

The Bradley Physical Therapy Clinic Southpoint office is located on Technology Drive in the Stealth building in Southpointe which is also where The Health Club is located. Please call (724) 746-2782 for specific direction and information or click here for directions

Southpointe Office Hours
Monday Wednesday Friday 9 am – 7pm
Tuesday Thursday 7am -12:30 pm


Since private practices are more sensitive about public image, dress should be strictly professional. Our male Physical Therapist and Physical Therapist Assistant students wear dress slacks, coordinating shirt and tie and dress shoes. Female Physical Therapist and Physical Therapist Assistant students dress slacks with coordinating dress blouse / sweater and dress shoes, flat and not large heeled shoes. Slacks should be proper length (top of shoes) and not be too tight as to hug legs or buttocks. Physical Therapist students also wear white lab jackets. PTA’s are also permitted to wear their school uniform/polo if it meets the clinic’s standards. All students must maintain their clothing and shoes in a clean manner and replace worn articles. The following is a list of guidelines that apply, regardless of working area:

1. Hair style: No Mohawks, engraved markings, such as letters or symbols, or exotic coloring. All lengths and styles should be professional. Men’s facial hair should be kept trimmed.

2. Jewelry: Females can wear up to two earrings in each ear. Earrings should be low profile or professional, not dangling. Earrings for males are considered inappropriate. All jewelry worn should be simple and of professional appearance. No jewelry with questionable symbols or obscenities are permitted. No pierced nose/lip/tongue jewelry is permitted.

3. Tattoos: All tattoos should be kept covered, if possible.

General Information

Parking is available, free of cost. It is recommended that you not park directly in front of the clinic. Parking spots closer to the building are to be reserved for patients.

A refrigerator and microwave are located in the clinic’s kitchen, which can be utilized if you prefer to bring your lunches. In addition, there are many fast food restaurants in close proximity to the clinic.

Student housing is not provided, but assistance can be provided in locating housing within the community.

Emergency medical care will be provided through Washington Hospital at the student’s expense.

In preparation for your affiliation, we ask that you fill out (copy and paste) the modified student self-assessment form, and review goniometric measurements, manual muscle testing, and the sequence of various procedures for joint evaluations with consideration of patient positioning (note: only applicable for students who have covered above material).