Patient Testimonials

Bradley Physical Therapy Clinic Patient Testimonials

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“Dr Bradley: My therapy is finally almost finished! I can’t believe how far I have come. I want to express my deepest gratitude for all that you have done for me. So many times your joy and your encouragement have lifted me out of the stress and burden of this season of testing. Thank You for taking the time to explain things and to include my wishes in the plan of care. You have created a truly wonder practice. I wish God’s richest blessings in the Spirit upon you.”

Melissa S.

“I have been coming to your clinic on and off for over four years and wanted to take a moment to say thank you for creating such an impressive organization. Whether for a new injury or old, I am repeatedly amazed at how knowledgeable and effective your staff is at getting to the source of the problem, and saving me so many days (and probably years) of unnecessary limitation. They have taken amazing care of me. In addition to being enormously talented and knowledgeable, everyone is an excellent communicator, always taking care to help me understand what is happening and why. They create a fun-loving and light environment. These types of visits are usually a nuisance in my schedule, but coming to Bradley PT is always a joy. Your entire staff is always so helpful, caring and professional. My sincere thanks to all of your for all you do! Your clinic is truly exceptional.”

All the best,

“My sincerest gratitude for your time, your patience, and your expertise. It is truly a pleasure to be with people who really care. I came for approximately 12 appointments early last year, and recently completed another 12 appointments (in the Southpointe branch). I have received PT as an outpatient elsewhere and an inpatient at AGH, both following my MVA a little over 4 years ago; but never have I progressed so quickly and thoroughly as I have with BPTC. They are outstanding in every respect. According the the doctors who treated me from the car accident, I’ll need lifelong physical therapy to keep agile (the MVA was beyond critical). So far, coming in spring to early summer at latest, along with the at home program they outlined for me keeps me going the rest of the year. Though I have physical setbacks now and then, I’ve noticed I’m getting stronger and practically as good as I’ll get. My doctor will probably send me back every year or so to evaluate my progress at home and to keep me as mobile as possible. Several of my doctors have told me that Bradley is the place to go and they were right! I have been blessed with so many caring doctors who have exhibited unsurpassed knowledge and skill to save my life from that horrible MVA, but without the entire staff at Bradley I would not be functioning at my best capacity. You are the BEST without question!”

Thanks again so much,
Kathy D.

“Thank you for the excellent treatment you gave me. Not only was the treatment excellent, but the atmosphere of kindness and joy ministered to my spirit and helped me heal emotionally as well. It was a blessing for me to have worked through my therapy with all of the staff!”

Joyfully serving Jesus,
Glenna C.

“I have recently concluded several sessions of therapy at your Southpointe facility and wanted to take a few moments to advise you of my complete satisfaction with the care I received. I have never received such professional, courteous and friendly treatment in my life. There are not enough words to describe the excellent program that was developed by the PT. With all their combined efforts I was able to get well on the way to recovery after a rather serious back surgery. I was released from active care and instructed to continue with the exercises that were given to me and to call if I encountered any problems. I had an episode of dizziness during one of my sessions and the care and concern by all the staff was outstanding. I can’t say enough about the quality of care I received. Thank you so much for hiring the “best in business” and training them to be even better. Please feel free to use me or this letter as a testimony to your excellence and professionalism.”

Very Truly Yours,
Edward O.

“The personnel that staff Bradley’s are top quality in meeting the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs a client encounters while receiving therapy. I would rate my experience at Bradley’s EXCEPTIONAL! Keep it up. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

Larry W.

“I have been to my fair share of physical therapists and Bradley PT is by far the best I have ever seen. Everybody in that office is polite, professional and a real joy to be around. They go that extra mile to make sure your needs are met and the therapy is right for you. I would highly recommend Bradley PT for any of your therapy needs. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Good luck!”

RN at Children’s

“I went to Bradley Physical Therapy after a friend recommended it to me. My friend was impressed with her PT because he talked her through everything and cared enough to personally follow-up after her first visit. I was happy to find that I received the same invested care. My PT met with me and gave me a full evaluation. I was so appreciative because he found a previously undiagnosed problem. I have had constant neck pain and headaches for a few years, which I always attributed to stress; and within a matter of minutes, my PT carefully and gently corrected my neck without any sudden jerks or tugs. I have been pain free and headache free ever since! This was in addition to treating the problem that brought me to Bradley PT in the first place. Also, I was grateful that he talked me through the treatment and made sure I was comfortable. His staff are incredibly friendly and professional. Bradley Physical Therapy goes above and beyond with patient care, and I would recommend it to everyone in need.”

Bridgette K.

“You saw me a few weeks ago for ankle pain (tendonitis) and an evaluation. Thank you so much! You recommended that I follow-up with you in a few weeks, so that is what I am doing here. First, thank you for taking the time to see me. I am so grateful and have been singing your praises ever since. You do great work and really make a difference in the lives of other people. Second, my neck feels great! I have not had any neck pain, and I have only had two headaches since you readjusted my skull/AO joint. I have been dealing with that neck pain for so long, that I forgot what it’s like to be free of it-and it’s amazing! I went from daily neck pain and constant headaches to absolutely no neck pain and only two headaches. I am so appreciative! I am doing my stretches regularly. My ankle is still in pain, and on Friday I had an MRI. I am still waiting on the results, but I expect to get them today or tomorrow. I’m resting my foot, stretching, and applying light heat. I also took Aleve for a week like you told me. Hopefully it gets better soon, maybe it will just take some time. Thank you again and take care.”

Bridgette K.

“Over the past few months of 2008 I was a patient at your Washington facility. I just wanted to take a few moments to express my appreciation for the care given during those months and the preparation for the ongoing home therapy thereafter. Your team approach was very well received with the therapists keeping vigil and offering corrective measures to the various procedures as they were being done along with positive reinforcement. The cheerful and positive mental attitudes of each of the staff members during the sessions are appreciated. All of your therapists were very easy to deal with and did a terrific job. While I had spent time with, I think, all of your late day therapists, I probably interacted most with one. As a much younger person than myself, she presented herself in a very professional manner and got her messages across without unsettling this ancient one. Not to ignore your office and backroom staff, I wish to pass on my sincere appreciation to them in their efforts for scheduling and in jousting with the medical carrier. Again, as with the rest of your staff, they were pleasant, friendly and very helpful throughout the process. I do not want to ignore my PT and his efforts on my behalf. He always seemed to be able to pull another procedure out of the medical hat when something needed changed or enhanced. His encouragement, professionalism and advice are very well thought of and appreciated. Since leaving the formal therapy, I have attempted to continue doing the various exercises that I was taught in the manner they were presented. My medical problems seem to be improving as time has gone by. In closing, please express my very best to each and every one of your personable, and professional staff.”

Barrie B.

“I wanted to take a moment to recognize your Southpointe staff. I just completed my 3 month rehab of my shoulder resurfacing procedure. Once again your staff was timely, courteous, informative, challenging, respectful, and competent. Congratulations on offering unparalleled customer care and customer service. Thank you.”

Keep the faith!
John S.

“In June I had the displeasure of debilitating lower back pain that lingered without improvement. In July I had the pleasure and privilege of receiving expert care from a PT at your Southpointe office. He worked his magic, and a couple of WWF-like moves, to quickly relieve the pain that time by itself wasn’t healing. Now a month later I am still pain free. For that I am eternally grateful. I am very pleased with the care he provided. He thoroughly explained everything during our sessions. Not only did he give the “what” of the treatments, he made sure I understood the “why”. And more importantly, he armed me with the knowledge, skills and exercises to help prevent future occurrences. Truly, this was complete and total care for both today and tomorrow. And a couple of good jokes never hurt either. I wish to complement not just my PT, but your entire staff. Everyone I dealt with was friendly and helpful. Whether it was care related or administrative, they took the time to make sure I understood everything. I never felt that I was distracting them from something else. They always focused on making sure I had the information I needed. In this day and age when people are so quick to criticize and slow to complement, I felt compelled to send this note of thanks and appreciation. You have a fantastic practice. While I obviously hope I won’t be in need of PT services in the future, should I find myself in need, I do know who I’m going to call.”

Bob R.

“Just wanted to thank you for the letter & the gift you sent me! It is all really unnecessary! I’m not good at accepting gifts-it’s easier to give! Your thoughtfulness was appreciated greatly! Your clinic is the only one I know of where prayer is a common thing! Everyone who works there are upbeat & friendly! When I leave (after months of treatment) I feel I’m leaving friends! Whenever given the opportunity, my sister & I always recommend your clinic, I’m sure the Lord is blessing you all! It is my prayer that God will prosper you & all who work with you and that God will keep you all in His care!”

Love and Prayers,
Ilene I.

“I cannot tell you how special it was to meet you today. I count it a true answer to prayer, because not only are you a gifted doctor, but it’s most special because I know that you are that way because you love the Lord. The past month has been tough for me, worrying about my health, but even on my worst day, I tried to say, “Lord, Your will be done”. I look forward to seeing you and your associates, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my day today! I will not forget it.”

April M.

“I recently finished up therapy at your clinic. Just a quick note to tell you how pleased I was with your clinic. Fist, my PT and PTA were the greatest. They were more than PT’s, they became my friends in that short time, and actually made me want to come to therapy. Also, the gym staff helped me when my PT’s were busy. They were the greatest. I actually hated to get better and have to leave. I told them I couldn’t wait to get hurt again, so I could come back! Haha! Anyway, thanks again for all the help in getting my knee working again, and a special thanks to your staff. Just thought you should know how satisfied I am, and what a great crew you have.”

Thanks for everything,
Sherry P.

“I am writing this letter because I feel you should be aware of the exceptional rehabilitation treatment I received at Bradley Physical Therapy Clinic. In my 38 years I have had 2 knee surgeries, multiple bone fractures, another 6-10 injuries that also required physical therapy and most recently the quadriceps tendon tear you treated. Because of this I have come to understand what to expect from rehabilitation. Frankly, I wish I had less experience in this area. Through all of this I have never had a more positive experience from rehab as I did at Bradley PT. I felt motivated every time I had a scheduled appointment. This is because everyone on the staff truly took an interest in me and my care and because the expertise of the therapists is tremendous. This was evident from the minute I walked in the door until my last appointment. I never felt like just another patient and I always felt like their objective and focus was solely on helping me get better. Patient/customer service like this seems hard to come by these days. I hope if you have patients who live in the South Hills that you will refer them to Bradley Physical Therapy. The only reason I ended up there is because one of their practices is attached to my gym (Southpointe). What fortunate luck this was for me. Your patients do not have to rely on luck to get world class care. They have two offices, one in Washington, PA and the one I went to in Southpointe. I look forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks for what I hope is my final appointment for my quad tear.”

Michael R.

“I just want to thank you and your excellent staff for all you’ve done for me and how I’ve been treated for the past month. I couldn’t have asked for or imagined better treatment, both physically and personally, from you or your personnel. Their smile could light up a room, and they’re always such a sweetheart, especially the first day when I needed to get an appointment ASAP because I was feeling so bad. Before I had a chance to get in touch with your office, you called me first, and made a couple follow-up calls before being able to set up a time later that afternoon. I feel that was extraordinary and way above and beyond the call of duty. I’m very grateful. They’re always so radiant, friendly, laughing heartily, and easy to talk to, and I looked forward to coming in and seeing their smiling faces first thing on Monday morning; it was an exceptional way to start off the week. Everyone is always so personable, positive, cheerful, and friendly from the minute I walk in until the minute I leave, and always make me feel comfortable and welcome. They’re very conscientious, professional, and helpful about everything they do for me and my treatment; and they’re always one step ahead, especially with setting up the appointments. They’re always smiling, upbeat, easy to talk with, and have a good sense of humor. My therapist was very thorough and knowledgeable when I came in for my evaluation, and went over everything imaginable (and some things not). Their professionalism and expert knowledge about the complete body made me feel very comfortable that I was going to get the best treatment available. Their diagnosis of what the problem was right on target, based on their knowledge and professional experience, even before getting the results of the MRIs. They always seem to care about what I have to say, listen very intently to what I say and how I’m feeling, and make me feel that it really is important what I say, even to the point of basing some of the treatment on that. Even if and when I don’t know what I’m talking about (which is probably more often than not), they don’t at all make me feel like I’m clueless or even a pain in the gluteus maximus. They answer every question and/or concern of mine with (what I feel is) total honesty, complete thoroughness, and talk to me in language that is informative and completely understandable to someone not up to date on the medical terminology. If I don’t understand something or aren’t sure of it, they always take the time to re-explain it or show me a picture or diagram to make it more concise. Their patience, professional manner, and sense of humor make it worth looking forward to coming in three days a week to see them. Not to mention 2 of them are from WVU, which is obviously a huge plus-Go Mountaineers! I would definitely and emphatically recommend you to everyone who needs to go through a physical therapy program. Your staff is definitely top-notch, actually really care about and show genuine concern for their patients, plus are a lot of fun to be around; the atmosphere at your place is very conducive to having a positive mental attitude, which is (in my opinion) probably 50% of a recovery program. It’s definitely a pleasure to work with all of your staff and the therapy is and has been a very pleasant experience. You’ve all done your jobs very well and without exception, and I will probably even miss coming in to see everyone when recovered. But, and don’t take this the wrong way, and I hope I don’t have the need again to see you all professionally.”

Thanks and keep up the excellent work,
Ken C.